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PocOverIP Gateway

PocOverIP Gateway

PocOverIP Gateway has been specially designed for reliable and effective solutions for indoor Industrial and Campus applications.

PocOverIP is an RF GATEWAY allowing POCSAG messages to be received and/or transmitted. Through either an RS 232 or RS485 it connects to a Central Server using the IP Network.

It is designed to work with a Birdy SLIM IoT for 2-way applications allowing for Message Acknowledgement and User Initiated messaging.

PocOverIP can be powered by a +12V/500mA adapter through its jack connector or through its RJ45 Ethernet connector, using a POE (Power Over Ethernet) on IP network. It includes natively 3 outputs open collector type and an analogue input (0..10V, 4-20mA) or digital PocOverIP allowing activation of one of those 3 outputs upon specific message reception. , all integrated in a small size housing.

PocOverIP receiver programming can be done locally through its RS232 or remotely due to its integrated web server.  Several modes of use are configurable. It can decode all POCSAG transmissions or use filters on particular addresses and messages.  The PocOverIP transmits POCSAG messages at 25mW.


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