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TPL Systèmes

Birdy SLIM IoT

Birdy SLIM IoT Smartpager, designed and manufactured by TPL Systèmes, is the next evolution of traditional paging devices. Its Software-Defined and novel RF Transceiver Architectures integrates multiple wireless technologies allowing for a variety of configurations for your application.

P25 Siren Controllers

Analog Systems have served communities for many years, but newer, more capable systems, such as P25 offer many more advantages and are quickly replacing the older analog systems. The PFC-1 Controller, due to its Dual Band RF Receivers and multi-mode capabilities, can be integrated into an existing Analog Siren network and then easily be converted to P25 control.

Fire Station Alerting

The FSA P25 is a cost-effective, standalone, Fire Station Alerting platform that allows a seamless transition from analog alerting to P25, IP, 3/4 G LTE (FirstNet capable), and POCSAG Digital Text Messaging.

PocOverIP Gateway

PocOverIP Gateway has been specially designed for reliable and effective solutions for indoor Industrial and Campus applications. PocOverIP is an RF GATEWAY allowing POCSAG messages to be received and/or transmitted. Through either an RS 232 or RS485 it connects to a Central Server using the IP Network.

Staff Response and Location Solution

In Critical care situations knowing the location and availability of key resources is critical when time is of the essence. The Staff Response and Location Solution addresses this by the use of multiple, proven, integrated technologies:

Threat Alert Solution

The Threat Alert Solution can be used for normal , day to day, status reporting such as facility security monitoring , and in event of an emergency provides a quick, reliable way of reporting the situation and its location. It addresses this through the use of multiple, proven, integrated technologies:

Enterprise Grade Secure Messaging

Prism-IPX designs versatile and robust Critical Message Management systems using paging
and other wireless technologies for high performance and dependable communications.