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Birdy SLIM IoT

Birdy Slim IoT

Birdy SLIM IoT Smartpager is a 2-way capable device that supports POCSAG, FLEX, Sigfox, LoRa, and Bluetooth technologies.

Birdy SLIM IoT Smartpager , designed and manufactured by TPL Systèmes, is the next evolution of traditional paging devices. Its Software-Defined and novel RF Transceiver Architectures integrates multiple wireless technologies allowing for a variety of configurations for your application.

As a Receiver it will operate on any POCSAG or FLEX network operating on VHF, UHF or 900MHz, while supporting up to 128 Addresses. Its transmit function allows for message acknowledgement, Canned Message Response, Man-Down and SOS transmit functions and more.

It has an integrated GPS module for outdoor geolocation and also supports indoor geolocation through the use of BT Beacons. It has a large, 8 line, display that supports multiple color backlights. Backlight color and vibrate cycles can also be assigned on an incoming message basis.

Designed to be durable, it is IP 67, water and dust-proof, and withstands TPL’s rigorous environmental and drop testing procedures. It is powered by a large lithium-ion battery that provides up to two weeks between charges for normal use.

Being a Software Defined radio, software updates will be available to protect your initial investment. The Birdy SLIM IoT is bundled with a desktop charger.


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