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One Way Signal Booster

Unication One-Way Signal Booster

Signal Booster for Public Safety

  • For large indoor spaces that are not covered by a single antenna, customers can purchase an antenna cable splitter and add a second antenna.
  • Supports VHF, UHF and 700-800MHz!
  • Convenient User Installation
  • Expansion Accessories Available- Expand coverage area to meet your needs

The coverage area can be enlarged. Customers can purchase the divider and antenna to connect with the booster for exporting the signal in order to increase the coverage area in the house.

  • Once the user’s indoor space is large, the needed area cannot be covered even if turning the amplification gain of the Booster signal to high power. Customers can purchase the divider, cable, and another antenna. Users can set the antenna at the position needed to reach the purpose that enlarging the coverage area.

    The gain can be adjusted, and the user can adjust the signal amplification gain according to the required coverage range.

  • Users can adjust the Booster signal amplification gain according to the indoor coverage range required by the user. When the users can not
    receive the signal in their home or office and need a larger coverage area, they can reach it by just turning the power switch from low to
    high power.

    Convenient for installation, Users can install in their house by themselves.

  • The product contains the materials needed. Users can install the indoor and outdoor antennas and the Booster host.

Appearance Introduction of Unication Booster

Appearance Introduction of Unication Booster

Signal Booster System Integration Diagram

Booster System Integration Diagram


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