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Industry Solutions

Messaging Solutions for Mission-Critical Industries

Prism-IPX provides critical messaging solutions to many industries. Our industry solutions include: Energy Utilities, Healthcare and Public Safety.

Paging for Energy Utilities

Energy Utilities

Uncover the potential of our enterprise communication solutions tailored to suit your needs. Explore how our innovative offerings can transform your communication infrastructure, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and connectivity across your organization.

Paging for Healthcare


Collaborating with the foremost medical institutions across the United States, we are entrusted to guarantee the uninterrupted functionality of their communication systems. Our commitment to excellence ensures that these esteemed facilities can rely on us to keep their communication channels operational and secure, fostering a seamless environment for critical healthcare operations.

Paging for Public Safety

Public Safety

First responders worldwide rely on our expertise to deliver essential communications precisely when they need them most. With unwavering dedication, we prioritize the reliability and timeliness of critical messages, empowering these courageous individuals to perform their vital duties with confidence and efficiency.

Enterprise Grade Secure Messaging

Prism-IPX designs versatile and robust Critical Message Management systems using paging
and other wireless technologies for high performance and dependable communications.