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Prism-IPX Systems products include full-featured radio paging systems with VoIP input, IP based transmitter control systems and paging message encryption. Other options include email messaging, remote switch controllers, Off-The-Air paging message decoders and logging systems.

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Prism IPX Products

PriMega Message Gateway

The PriMega manages a paging network from the message input using telephone and data lines to the data output to one or more paging transmitters, email or text messaging destinations.

IPT Systems

The IPT is a versatile small footprint Linux based product used for small paging systems and for converting data protocols for messaging systems. Popular for converting text messaging transport protocols for linking message systems.

Message Logging Systems

Paging Message Logging software collects data decoded off-the-air and sends the data to the logging server. Logs can be used to prove messages were actual transmitted and were capable of being received without error.

TPL Systèmes Products

Birdy SLIM IoT

Birdy SLIM IoT Smartpager , designed and manufactured by TPL Systèmes, is the next evolution of traditional paging devices.

MPSC-1 P25 Siren Controller

MPSC-1 P25 Siren Controller

Prism-IPX Systems and TPL Systems have Partnered to Develop the Industry’s First, Fully Integrated, P25 Activated Siren Controller, the MPSC-1™.
P25 Fire Station Alerting FSA-1™

FSA P25 Fire Station Alerting

The FSA P25 is a cost-effective, standalone Fire Station Alerting platform that allows a seamless transition from analog alerting to P25.

Unication Products

Unication G1 Pager

The Only Submersible Voice Pager Designed For Public Safety. The Unication G1 is rich with standard features including 16 minutes of stored voice and 11 minutes of voice memo.

Unication G3 pager

Introducing the Unication G3 public safety pager.  This rugged pager supports Analog 2-Tone Conventional, P25 Trunking, and P25 Conventional. It is a dual-band voice pager available in VHF/UHF frequencies.

Unication G5 Pager

Introducing the Unication G5 public safety pager. This rugged pager supports Analog 2-Tone Conventional, P25 Trunking, and P25 Conventional. It is available in UHF & 700-800MHz and VHF & 700-800MHz frequencies.

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