Single Band P25 / Analog 2-Tone Pager

Introducing the Unication G2 public safety pager. This rugged pager supports Analog 2-Tone Conventional, P25 Trunking, and P25 Conventional. It is a single band voice pager available in VHF or UHF frequencies.

Unication G2 Pager

  • Up to 512Channels
  • IP67 RATING (waterproof and dustproof)
  • Submersible up to 3ft for 30 minutes
  • High impact resistant color screen
  • Rugged Housing
  • 2 year standard warranty (3 year option)
  • Custom wave file alerts
  • Out of range alert
  • Text messaging/Image transfer
  • Bluetooth 2.0 & 4.0
  • 32 Minutes voice storage
  • 32 Minutes voice memo

Unication G2 Key Features

  • Accommodates multiple P25 trunked and P25 conventional systems
  • Supports the 800MHz analog frequencies
  • Supports up to 256 control channels per trunked system
  • Supports full spectrum scan for P25 trunked systems
  • Supports multiple TGIDs for monitoring and alerting
  • Supports priority TGID scan
  • Supports multi-select for efficient use of traffic channels
  • Allows for customized alerts using WAV/MP3 files
  • Alerting options based on a selector knob setting

Unication G2 Models

G2 P25 Voice Pager – Single Band P25 / Analog 2-Tone

Available Models

  • VHF 136-174MHz
  • UHF 380-430MHz
  • UHF 400-470MHz
  • UHF 450-520MHz

Unication G2 Downloads

Unication G2 Brochure