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ipBSC Base Station Controller

ipBSC Base Station Controller

The Prism-IPX ipBSC Model Version 2 is a network base station controller designed for use with the Prism-IPX PriMega series of text message handling systems for message transmission over single transmitter or multiple transmitter radio simulcast networks used primarily for paging technology.

Data for broadcast sent using Ethernet connectivity from the Prism-IPX PriMega is received by the ipBSC and retimed for transmission using GPS technology or Prism computer server time synchronized to a highly stable time standard.


The Prism-IPX ipBSC Model Version 2 is a network base station controller designed for use with the Prism-IPX PriMega series of text message handling systems.

Encoded paging data from the PriMega encoder software is sent via IP Unicast or Broadcast to the ipBSC(s) in systems with a few ipBSC’s, or to the Dispatcher module which handles sending individual data packets to many ipBSC’s. Raw paging data is sorted into dedicated protocol queues for processing when transmission algorithms are ready for the data.

At each simulcast paging transmitter site, a GPS unit is used to provide data synchronization and precise transmitter frequency control using the clock reference derived from the GPS 1 pulse per second and related timing packets. Paging data is transmitted simultaneously from each site using the GPS clock pulse as its timing source.

Formats Supported

  • Digital Paging Formats: FLEX 1600/3200/6400 (2/4 level data), POCSAG 512/1200/2400, Golay
  • Analog Paging Formats: 2 tone/voice, 5tone/voice
  • Demand Response / Load Management Formats: SA206, SA305, POCSAG, FLEX


  • Provides PTT control and paging data to the paging transmitter.
  • Provides monitoring, status and alarm reporting of itself
  • Provides monitoring, status and alarm reporting for the STI paging transmitter
  • Provides alarm inputs for interface to various site equipment
  • Provides Status and alarm data sent to the OMI server for logging and alarm notification
  • Provides Off-The-Air decoding, logging, and verification of each paging message
  • Provides remote configuration and uploading new software
  • Provides Operations and Maintenance Interface (OMI) for remote monitoring and managing system


  • GPS-corrected, 10 part-per-billion 10 MHz reference signal output
  • GPS time corrected oscillator with stored DAC values for long holdover during a loss of GPS signal
  • Support for Trimble 360 GPS units
  • Transmitter interfaces: TTL (0/+5v and 0/+12v); analog tone control including a version of PURC


  • Front panel LED status indicators
  • Front panel USB console port for diagnostic display and configuration
  • Remote console port view over IP network connection
  • Voltage input: 120/240 VAC 50/60Hz supply; optional 24/-48 Vdc, optional redundant supplies
  • External alarm inputs sensing voltage changes and contact closures
  • Dual Paging Data Network Connections for redundant diverse network routing
  • Network interface to IP enabled transmitters for configuration, monitoring and control
  • Optional built-in OTA paging receiver/decoder logs every page, sends data to remote archive
  • DB25 for digital + analog TX, or DB37 interface for smart digital TX interface + alarm monitoring


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