PriMega Message

The PriMega Message Gateway is the central management point of a system. All calls, messages, alarms, and notifications are processed by the PriMega and logged for usage and diagnostic reports. The PriMega manages a paging network from the message input using telephone and data lines to the data output.

ipBSC Base Station Controller

The Prism-IPX ipBSC Model Version 2 is a network base station controller designed for use with the Prism-IPX PriMega series of text message handling systems for message transmission over single transmitter or multiple transmitter radio simulcast networks used primarily for paging technology.

AB Switches

Choose from 1, 3 or up to 20 ports, our IP controlled AB switches are widely used for switching connections between redundant systems and for enabling or disabling remote equipment. Using RJ45 connectors, each port can switch 8 wires from the Common input to Port A or Port B. Commands sent from Prism products cause the device to switch upon demand.

Paging Encryption

The Paging Encryption Processor (PEP) server is used in small systems for up to 1,000 enabled pagers. Install at remote sites where messages originate and send to centrally located Prism paging systems for broadcast over the paging transmitters.

Prism IPX
IPT Systems

The IPT is a versatile small footprint Linux based product used for small paging systems and for converting data protocols for messaging systems. Used extensively for analog and digital paging using DID or POTS DTMF signaling and TTL or basic PURC transmitter control.

STI’s RFI Series Paging Transmitters

The transmitter can be used as a standalone unit for covering a campus or building, or as a part of a large wide area network with almost any paging terminal vendor. The transmitter can also be seamlessly installed in place of other transmitter brands in an existing UHF paging network.

Message Logging

Paging Message Logging software collects data decoded off-the-air and sends the data to the logging server. Logs can be used to prove messages were actual transmitted and were capable of being received without error.