Finally, an Affordable Solution to Migrate your old Analog Emergency Sirens and Fire Station Alerting Solutions to the P25 Digital, LTE, and IP Networks

P25 Siren Controller MPSC-1™

Prism-IPX Introduces the first P25 Siren Controller with the capability to add Analog, LTE, and IP networks for easy migration and redundancy.

MPSC-1 P25 Siren Controller

P25 Fire Station Alerting FSA-1™

The Prism-IPX P25 Fire Station Alerting solution allows you to alert your fire stations utilizing your P25 Network. It can also be upgraded to use Analog, LTE, and IP networks. The FSA offers 8 Relays to allow you to open doors, turn on lights among other possibilities at the Fire Stations.

P25 Fire Station Alerting FSA-1™