Prism-IPX Systems is a partnership between Prism Systems International, Inc. and Xacom International LLC. Both companies provide Prism Message Management solutions around the world for country-wide, regional and local commercial paging operators and private messaging systems. The company leads the industry in the development and design of modern critical messaging communications systems.

About Prism Systems International, Inc.

Prism Systems International, Inc is the parent company of Prism Paging, a well-known market leader for paging systems, and majority owner of Prism-IPX Systems, a centralized message management system.

Jim Nelson, Prism’s Chairman, President and CEO, founded Prism Systems International Incorporated in 1997. The company leads the industry in the development and design of critical messaging communications systems. With over 48 years in paging as a system developer and a commercial paging system operator, Jim has held senior management positions in well know industry-leading companies such as Multitone, Quintron, BBL Industries, Metromedia Paging, Arch Wireless, TGA and owns the Prism companies.

Appointed to the Board of Directors of AAPC (now CMA-A) and EMMA (now CMA-E) in 2008, Jim was also elected as Vice-Chair of the Paging Technical Committee in the same year. Jim is currently serving his second term as President of CMA America and is a member of the Board Directors of CMA-Europe.

Jim by an international unanimous vote was awarded the 2011 AAPC & EMMA Industry Recognition Award. This is a personal award that recognizes Jim for his years of dedicated service, innovation, tireless support, and significant contributions which have advanced the paging industry.

About Xacom International LLC

Xacom International LLC is a minority owner of Prism-IPX Systems and brings considerable experience and resources to the partnership.

Xacom International LLC is led by John Bishop, Managing Director. John is a Fellow – Australian Institute of Company Directors, Fellow – Australian Institute of Management. Current Chairman of the Critical Messaging Association’s Paging Technical Committee and member of several other committees.

John’s extensive career includes more than 30 years of database and critical systems design experience. He has held executive management positions with global cellular carriers and major paging infrastructure companies for the last 25 years.